Type II/#R172: Beatrice Sarah Orenstein

a vintage Jewess, Bea Sarah was part of the 1880’s-1924 invasion of America by hundreds of thousands of German and other central european Jews, many of them communists. Who, despite the (too-late) restrictive 1924 Immigration Act, then provided the demographic base for the 1913 imposition of the Rothschild Third National Bank (a.k.a. “Federal Reserve”), 1930’s-40’s Jewish buy-out of the Democrat party, 1960’s et seq. triumph of the Kosher Culture of Death (legalized abortion, porn, sodomy, and Judeo-“feminism”, all aimed at killing the White birthrate), and 1980’s-90’s Jew neo-con takeover of the Republican party. She’s got well-marked Khazar facial features, though with some softening and thus a T2 specimen of her race, and the usual big tits.

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