Type II/#Q161: Susan Sarah Stein

Stein, a grad student in Poli Sci with a strong minor in porn, was one of the principal instigators (along with kosher comrades David Horowitz, Bettina Aptheker, Suzanne Stern, and Sue Gumpertz) of the communist uproar at UC Berkeley during the mid-late 1960’s. At the upper level, an almost exclusively kosher conspiracy which the Jews hoped would spark a Red Revolution in America and the usual massacre of the (White) middle class. Though the various campus and urban disturbances fomented by these Jews and their Black dupes certainly helped the communists seize power in Vietnam and Cambodia and go on to murder millions of people, the domestic subversion fizzled (when the military draft ended), and thereafter many of the 1960’s Jew radicals embarked instead on the Marcusian Long March Through the Institutions. Whose consequences – a legalized Kosher Culture of Death (abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism) – collapsed White birth-rate; a (((Central Bank))) -run, debt-drowned, dollar-monetized, Ponziconomy; millions of non-Whites pouring across collapsed borders; and an endless, Orwellian “Great War on Terror” whose real purposes are aggrandizing Zion-in Palestine and keeping oil-producers on the dollar – are now evident. This photo, which appeared in Wink, April 1969, captures our Red Princess in a culturally subversive but otherwise non-revolutionary moment, pensive and introspective, contemplating all the inner burdens of her genetic Jewishness.

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