Type II/#P155: Angelika Sarah Velkovsky

with reference to Anna Judith Piller alias “Anna Baltzer” (III/#C22), note the slightly off-center part of the hair.

oy vay! It’s annuduh holocaust!

NB: bookshelf, latin not Russian alphabet

Angie Sarah shows some rounding and softening of the ashkenazic facial angles and this, plus a fairing of the skin, makes of her a T2 specimen of the Tribe. But her classic slim-buxom physique as well as various elegant, ethno-signature hand positions…Research Note: at this point I’m almost certain that this kosher nude is noneother than Anna Judith Piller – pix taken in a NYC studio sometime during her 1998-2002 undergrad years at Columbia U. – a.k.a. “Anna Baltzer”, semi-famous hardLeft anti-Zionist dynamo of the campaign to “Boycott, Divest from, and Sanction apartheid Israel”. See her page (III/#C22) for further discussion. Face, body, even the color, do, and idiosyncratic part of the hair are identical.

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