Type II/#O140: Carmine Sarah Beinert

c. 1950’s girl-next-door sort of Jewess, with some genetic drift in the facial features, but still sufficient overhang in the nose and wolf in the lips to make of her a T2 specimen. Note too the persistent, guilt-driven aversive inability to look straight at-camera. Last but not least, Carmine Sarah’s big tits and heavy,uncosmeticized overgrowth of sexual and body hair also strongly vector her raw, aggressive Jewishness. Other similarly untrimmed, hirsute Jewesses herein: Rosen, Clyda Sarah; Schore, Alexia Sarah; Kastalsky, Yudina Sarah; Edelstein, Joan Sarah; Hassan-Bronheim, Juliette Sarah; Bachman, Sylvia Sarah; Bat-Ilan, Shoshanna Sarah; Esquivel, Anna Sarah; & etc.


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