Type II/#N139: Lillian Sarah Faderman, alias “Gigi Frost’

it will suffice, images aside, to quote the kosher Culture of Death book jacket blurb – with parenthetical commentary in normal, human language – of the Jewess Faderman’s confessional autobio:

born in 1940, Lillian Faderman was the only child of an unmarried immigrant (i.e., promiscuous, invasive) Jewish woman (obligatory holocaust narrative follows; let’s skip it…)….Her only escape from the brutal labor of a sweatshop job (as compared to Jew-communist Workers’ Paradise) was her fiercely loved daughter (how “fiercely”? Did mom do daughter?) Lilly, whose poignant dream throughout an impoverished (America, Land of Impoverished Jews) childhood was to become a movie star (also Anne Frank’s ambition, but Uncle Adolph decided her talents lay elsewhere) ….Lilly grew up to become a beautiful (big Jewtits, as above) young woman who was learning that her deepest attachments (as above, re Mom) were to other women, and found herself in a dangerous but seductive underwold of addicts, pimps, and prostitutes (i.e., normal New York/Hollywood Jewporn) ….she entered the University of California and worked her way through college as a burlesque stripper (along with 99,999 other 1960’s Jewish co-eds) ….and became Lillian, groundbreaking scholar of Gay and Lesbian Studies” (i.e., taxpayer-funded campus sexperv networking).

Of all the kosher sexperv group-entitled claptrap in this professorial bulldyke’s tome, perhaps the most indicative passage concerns the Faderman’s “stunned” discovery that “d’Or”, her fellow stripper and rug-munching bedmate, also has a real name: Sheila Goldstein. Such a cohencidence.

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