Type II/#N132: Sipora Sarah Groen

Sipora Sarah, a Dutch Jewess seen here in 1942 at c. age 25, is yettanother “holocaust”-survivor…a category which, judging from published memoirs alone, now exceeds the pre-war Jewish population of Europe by a factor of 5 or 10. Her interesting and frankly-admitted “Jew Face” shows some minor crypsis but remains, indeed, recognizeably racial. In fact more than one-third of Dutch Jewry evaded the lethal attentions of the Zionist, Nazi-collaborationist Amsterdam Judenraet and were never deported. And of those sent to Auschwitz and other camps, thousands more returned home after the war. Of those who did not return, most perished not because of any systematic “final solution” of the Jewish problem, but because they were judged unfit for work (e.g., routine executions of pregnant females and young mothers with dependent children), died in epidemics, or were shot when various Jewish labor camps and ghettos had to be liquidated during anti-partisan operations; in the latter connection cf. <military. wikia.com /wiki/Georg_Konrad_Morgen>. Even the notorious Anne Frank, a young Dutch Jewess, never went to execution pit or gas chamber: deported to Auschwitz in early 1944 and then to Belsen a few months later, she died of typhus – as did many other Jewish (and non-Jewish) inmates in this and other camps – shortly before the end of the war. For other Dutch Jewesses whose ancestral families survived the extremely un-final “final solution”, cf. Linssen, Saskia Sarah (III/#V212); ter Horst, Rachel Sarah (IV/#J97); Stoessinger, Jacqueline Sarah (IV/#J98); Katzberg, Erica Sarah (II/#Z312); Hirschorn, Judith Sarah (II/#G69); and etc. 

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