Type II/#M121: Brigette Sarah Mazlish

Brigette Sarah, who some time ago voluntarily submitted her pic to the original version of this site and to a few others, was then a “28-year-old Jewish divorcée with two children” living in New York City. Here the topless Jewess calmly exhibits a pair of heavy, pendulous tits crested with thick, oversized nipples…the left, as is the case with many such Jewesses, even larger than the right. Mazlish’s everted lips and heavy eyebrows, as well as somewhat diffident expressive behavior, are also strong racial vectors. Incidentally, this category of Jewess – young mothers with dependent children – as well as those pregnant, posed a difficult problem for those administering Jewish labor camps and ghettos in WW2 Europe; and almost universally, not due to a mythic “Final Solution”, but due to a war-forced, harsh but efficient system of labor allocation, such Jewesses were routinely judged unfit for work and thus subject to immediate execution. A November, 1942 incident in the Libau (Latvia) ghetto illustrates this situation as well as multiple levels of Jewish complicity: a Jewish informer, Jewish ghetto police, Judenrät (Jewish ghetto government/prominente), Jewish sonderkommando at the execution site and, ultimately, the delinquent Jewess herself:

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