Type II/#L114: Tamara Sarah Kagal

Tamara Sarah: ex-witress, ex-ballerina, part-time lawyer, Mensa (hint: high Jew-IQ) member, and half-bolshevik/half-Zionist columnist at the HuffPost. Her facial features are somewhat softened off the Khazar norm, hence a T2 Jewess, but her cultural politics are 100% kosher, as indicated by the photo below, showing the Kagal fluttering around the inside/outside Tribal racket “Occupy Wall Street” from awhile back. The OWS’r false-flaggers were in fact organized by Adbusters and other (ostensible) hardLeft scams heavily funded by multi-billionaire currency-speculator/hedgefunder (((George Schwartz)))-alias-Soros. So, no matter who wins…the Jew wins.

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