Type II/#K100: Abby Sarah Martin

Abby Sarah, a hardLeft universalist Tikkun Ola anti-Zionist Jewess, read the news and opined @ RT America for a few years…then was given her walking papers when Putin decided to suck up to Israel. She now operates independently and, while her politics resembles that of hardLeft Tikkun Ola Jewess Anna Sarah Baltzer (III/#C22), there is this significant difference: Abby Sarah lacks Anna Sarah’s murderous anti-White animus. In fact on Jew-tube there’s a segment where the Martin does a short interview with the Baltzer, and you can hear the feline electricity in both voices; but it wasn’t about any political issue: each of these two seductive Jewesses was thinking, “IS she more beautiful than I am…IS she? No, no, I am!”

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