Type II/#G68: Gilda Sarah Rappoport, alias “Rona Scott”

This 1960’s Brit kosher pinup – a frequent subject of co-ethnic lensman Harrison Marks – features the usual immoderate racial rack, dramatic headlights, and partly assimilated facial features: weak reading on a fresh-off-the-shelf Jewdar, but strong signal on a well-tuned instrument. And Gilda Sarah’s psyche vectors are definitive. Always unsmiling, burdened by the internal negations of an inescapable genetic Jewishness, plus that uniquely Jewish combination of guilt-driven defensiveness with sly diffidence, with an added dollop of pensive, Chosen Person inwardness. Signaling all these Tribal tensions, Rappoport also features the occasional stiff, elegant hand position, a kosher trope so frequent as to merit a page of its own:

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