Type II/#F52: Abbey Sarah Michelle, alias “Violetta Storms”

Abbey Sarah – who we had under an assigned name in prior iterations of TSJ – is here fully documented as to her actual ethno-name and thorough Jewishness, physical and mental. She’s got the classic racial body, big tits on slender frame and, when seen unshaven, quite hirsute. Type2 only via some rounding-off of the sharp Khazar facial features, though the Noseis certainly in ample evidence. As an ID vector we also like the princessy, doubled limp wrists as seen in her Model Mayhem shot:Behaviorally, the Michelle is intimately acquainted with all the twists and turns of her Inner Jew, which she manifests in an intense involvement with hard spanking and other sado-masochistic B&D stuff: _______________________________________________________

…and a more recent shot of this stripped, submissive Jewess, as if on her way to the execution pit, with facial expression equal parts distraction and self-mockery:

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