Type II/#E48: Mucia Sarah Sachs

Sachs (1926-1942), a well-marked and noticeably buxom young Jewess, was an inmate of the Libau ghetto in Latvia during 1941-42. She is intimately referenced, along with another Jewess named Natalya Rubenstein, in Josef Katz’ firsthand account, One Who Came Back (NY, 1973), pp. 99ff. A few days after Rubenstein’s arrest and execution – she was in violation of ghetto labor law (see Brigette Sarah Mazlish, II/#M121, for his account of this incident) – Katz had a remarkable conversation with this 16-year-old Jewish girl:

several days later, Mucia Sarah went to ghetto police headquarters and voluntarily turned herself in. There she was held overnight. The next morning dawned bright and bitterly cold, and Katz observed

          “an SD vehicle drive slowly out the ghetto gate and turn toward the execution site at Skeden, about a half-mile away, plowing through foot-deep snow. And about 5 yards in front of the car, quickly high-stepping through the frozen snowcrust with arms raised and hands clasped behind her head…a naked Mucia Sachs.”



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