Type II/#C29: Teresa Sarah Jackman

a prolific early-to-mid 1970’s porn-Jewess, Teresa Sarah diaplays ashkenazic facial angles that are somewhat softened but still produce a strong return on the Jewdar; big, heavy Jewtits; and a particularly luxurient growth of sexual hair. Her expressive behavior also about par for the kosher course, ranging from merely coy to sly and evasive. The experten @ Vintage Erotica Forums have a four-page gallery on the Jackman, and aver that our Melamid, Karen Sarah (I/#4) is merely a cosmeticized-to-look-younger version of this nude, and I suppose they’re right. But since the Melamid so nicely illustrates the general sexual precocity of the Jewess, we’ll keep her as a separate page.










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