Type II/#C20: Joan Sarah Edelstein

an average girl-next-door Jewess in every way, Joan Sarah appeared undraped in Succulent (I/#3, 1975), All Man (February, 1976) and a few other mid-1970’s skinmags. Her ashkenazic facial features are somewhat softened but still sufficiently kosher to a attain a T2 classification, she’s got the usual big tits and, as with many unshaven femmeJews, a noticeable northward erution of hair above the pantyline. In the latter Tribal-genetic connection, cf. Rosen, Clyda Sarah (II/#A2); Schore, Alexia Sarah (II/#A3); Esquivel, Anna Sarah (V/#E46); Bat-Ilan, Shoshanna Sarah (V/#K109); etc.

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