Type I/#Z303: Ali Sarah McGraw

NY/Hollywood Jewess, active in film and modeling during the 1970’s-80’s. Half-kosher, maternal line and so according to the Jews’ own Law of Descent a racial Jew. Though Ali Sarah lacks the racial rack, her facial features alone sufficiently activate the Jewdar to make of her a high# T1 specimen. And behaviorally, daughter followed mother: mom seduced and married a goy, then so did daughter with Steve McQueen. Said exogamous theme amplified by the photo credit: Linda, Paul McCartney’s wife, also a Jew, née Eastman. Though the ashkenazic Jews from time to time inveigh against their women marrying out of the Tribe, it’s actually a careful balancing act: sufficient exogamy to breed out some of the more obvious racially vectoring features (remarkably big tits, the Nose, wolf-lips, etc.), sufficient endogamy to keep the central gene pool essentially kosher.


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