Type I/#T197: Kathy Sarah Holland

Kathy Sarah, an exotic dancer active in San Francisco during the later 1960’s, appeared in a September 1966 Playboy feature on topless bims…mostly of the Jewish persuasion: from the same essay cf. Jackie Sarah Miller (III/#G60). This big-breasted, big-nippled Jewess has facial angles somewhere in the T1/T2 transitional zone, and her rather dark complexion suggests a high# T1 classification. The fringed-shawl worn by this Jewess also has a certain significance; it’s an elaboration on the Hebrew “tallit” and, as such, an intra-Tribal “this is one of us” code. See also Mogul, Liana Sarah (I/#A8); Blum, Stephanie Sarah (III/#D39); and a number of (((others))) documented herein.

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