Type I/#R175: Nina Sarah Kermish

nothing subtle about this one. A Russian Jewess – and probably still there when this pic was taken – Nina Sarah’s gotta scythe-like nose and really big tits, plus that faint ashkenazic dusky skin undertone. Sly, sensual expressive behavior also par for the kosher course. Solid 9.5 on the Jewmeter. Crime: excessive, in-our-face Jewishness. Sentence? Six years in the camp brothel, plus must wait on table in the guards’ messhall wearing only high heels and a silk peignoir…that little open-in-front (((Frederick’s of Hollywood))) Jew-thing which covers only the shoulders, upper arms and upper back; cf. Anne Sarah Davis (IV/#C27) and Carole Sarah Teitel (I/#D36).

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