Type I/#R173: Allison Sarah Eichenthal

consider Allison Sarah (Swank, July 1976), the kosher cat-burgler. She sneaks into the Aryan cop’s apartment with kleptocratic, even lethal intent. But he awakes just in time and quickly subdues the invasive Jewess.¬† And then – shades of Lilith, Judith, Esther, Salom√©, and all the other archetypal Old Testament Jewesses – she turns the tables by seducing her erstwhile captor. In all, a nice confession on the inner demons of the female Jew…by the porn-Jews themselves. As to the Eichenthal, it’s true she lacks the racial rack, but that unrhino’d nose more than compensates and, with the rest of her sharply khazarian physiognomy, makes her a T1 specimen of her race.


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