Type I/#Q160: Gerda Sarah Stroheim

some genetic drift away from pure Khazar facial features, but otherwise Gerda Sarah is 99&44/100% kosher. The stolid facial expression, defensive, guilt-driven rise of the right hand to head, and what else…what else…wha…ohYEAH! Just noticed…the Stroheim has the usual big Jewtits. Good catch by the webmaster @ HJW, and it’s a shame the kosher nostra destroyed his site. But then, (((they))) destroy everything sooner or later. Including themselves.

2 Responses to Type I/#Q160: Gerda Sarah Stroheim

  1. Robmax says:

    Note gigantic swollen ribcage and photo-manipulated waistline on left side of image. Obvious fake. Genius. One more down. Get a clue.

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