Type I/#N138: Barbara Sarah Goldbach, alias “Barbara Bach”

…and other kosher Bond girls: Lana Sarah Zakharenko-Gurdin, alias “Lana Wood” (I/#H73); Honor Sarah Schvartzman, alias “Honor Blackman” (page pending); Diana Sarah Rigg (page pending); etc.

well-publicized 1970’s-80’s Jewactress and model. Genetic Jewishness apparently all on father’s side (though note how J or Not J conflates religion with race, a typical Jewish trick), hence lacks the racial rack, but the facial angles (and inward, self-consciously Jewish expressive behavior) are quite Khazarian. So we’ll have to disagree with the kosher experten @ J or not J and rate Barbara Sarah a definite Tribal. In either case, in the event of a resolution of the JP, one such as this would certainly be treated…as such.

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