Type I/#H78: Sophie Sarah Makovsky, alias “April O’Neil”

Sophie Sarah soaps her nipples…note also the genetic (((Nose))), cosmetic code (((forelocks))), and the rapt, Chosen Person inwardness

interesting shot. The Jewess claims it was taken in Spain. But that looks like the Haifa, Israel-in-Palestine breakwater

feverishly active in multiple ‘net and other porn venues, cuvacious Sophie Sarah shows slightly-softened, Khazar facial angles, the usual racial rack, and a generally pensive-aversive racial persona. This self-admitted Jew also claims other ancestry besides Russian-Jewish, but it’s clearly the Tribal DNA that’s dominant. Likewise, dominant, an intensely Judaic Jewishness, as per her own caption (via her site) to this shot:this typical Hebraic sentiment notwithstanding, “Christian Zionists” and other goyim sheeple continue to worship the Eternal Jew and bleat on cue. For a parallel Hebra’ism, see Silverman, Sarah Sarah (I/#L111): “the Jews killed Christ? Good. I’d do it again. I’d do it again in a fuckin’ minute…”



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