Type II/#G66: Jeri Sarah Nissensohn

though an atypically flat-chested Jewess, Jeri Sarah’s facial features are suggestively Khazarian, and the – completely uncosmeticized – pubic wilderness is racially definitive. Also relevant: the Old Testament symbology and her pensive, inward, Chosen Person attitude. Only shot seen so far of this hirsute Hebrew, and one will be enough. For other aù natural, unshaven Jewesses in this documentation, see also Rosen, Clyda Sarah (II/#A2); Schore, Alexia Sarah (II/#A3); Barshefsky, Anna Sarah (I/#E43); Deutschkron, Judy Sarah (II/#M123); Edelstein, Pam Sarah (II/#B20); Ovadia, Mourad Sarah (V/#H79); Hassan-Bronheim. Juliette Sarah (V/#B17); and etc.