Type II/#G66: Jeri Sarah Nissensohn

though an atypically flat-chested Jewess, Jeri Sarah’s facial features are suggestively Khazarian, and the – completely uncosmeticized – pubic wilderness is racially definitive. Also relevant: the Old Testament symbology and her pensive, inward, Chosen Person attitude. Only shot seen so far of this hirsute Hebrew, and one will be enough. For other aĆ¹ natural, unshaven Jewesses in this documentation, see also Rosen, Clyda Sarah (II/#A2); Schore, Alexia Sarah (II/#A3); Barshefsky, Anna Sarah (I/#E43); Deutschkron, Judy Sarah (II/#M123); Edelstein, Pam Sarah (II/#B20); Ovadia, Mourad Sarah (V/#H79); Hassan-Bronheim. Juliette Sarah (V/#B17); and etc.

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