Type I/#E46: Masha Sarah Gessen

neo-communist bulldyke and media-flack of the kosher kind, currently operating in ZOG-ruled ‘Murka and not-yet Zioglobalist-controlled Russia. According to ‘Murka’s Jew-owned political and chattering classes (and so-informed by Masha Sarah), Vlad Putin is “the New Hitler” ; though were this the case, Gessen would currently be feeding the worms. Alas, at last account, this venomous Jewperv is still on the loose…though since Vlad’s shutdown of the CIA/(((Rothschild)))/((Soros)))/US State Dept.-front NGO’s, its income has declined slightly. Did I mention that this warmongering, White-hating international Jewess also shows brutally obvious Khazar facial features? Now I did.

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