Type I/#B13: Janicka Sarah Drucker, alias “Jana Defi”, “Maria Swan”, etc.

(in process)

wolf-lips…big tits…is it Jewish? Is water wet?

here Jana Sarah’s a Profile in Physical Jewishness ….while, pensive-aversive, she contemplates the Inner Jew



born in Prague, 1984, with both parents Czech Jews (the “Italian” connection via the aforementioned dyke girlfriend, the purportedly Italian – in fact, another heavily rack’t Jewess – a.k.a. “Denise Milani”), the remarkably big-breasted Janicka Sarah dominated netporn for several years. As is amply evident from the face (nose, lips) and the great tits, the Drucker’s genetics are pure kosher. Via sexual selection over many generations, the Jews simply produce unusual numbers of such oversexed, buxom-seductive females; quite likely as a survival mechanism through a long series of (self-made) hostile environments. 

peak Jew…face, tits, expressive behavior, and that elegant, ethno-signature placement of the hand.


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