Type I/#A2: Naomi Sarah Averbykh, alias “Rose Avery”

Averbykh appeared in a few early 1970’s pornmags (Cavalier, Sept, 1972; Gala, Nov. ’73; Follies, Jan. ’74; etc.) and, in addition to the usual racial-sexual features – big tits, prominent nipples, luxurient pubes – this Jewess features sharply defined, almost oriental facial angles that closely index the central asian (Khazar) genetic origins of ashkenazic Jewry. We also like the elegant, balletic “point” of Naomi Sarah’s right foot in the bath tub shot, betraying that certain, inward ethnic tension of the Chosen Person…and the dangling, rabbinical forlocks in some of her pics, though the Averbykh’s Jewishness is already excruciatingly obvious. The shot directly above, wherein a pensive, buxom Jewess pleasures herself by fingering a tumescent nipple, is also race-typical. Compare to Leah Sarah Manzari (III/#B17, alias “Danni Ashe):

and other instances throughout this documentation.

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