Type II/#X234: Tiana Sarah Lowe

hard to tell whether WN activist Anglin even realizes this latest object of his wayward affections is a Jewess…as per its own twitter confession. Tiana Sarah is in fact a member of the “ex”-Trotskyite communists-morphed-into- Zionist neo-con Jew kabal that took over Conservatism Inc. during the 1980’s-90’s, maintains an iron grip to this day, and uses White America to keep Israhell on the map …while taking America and its White population off the map; as in: secure borders for Israhell, but no borders for America…or any other White nation. To reinforce the point, here’s the Lowe with noxious, fast-talking, vertically-challenged, warmongering co-ethnic neo-con Ben Shapiro, a.k.a. “the Littlest Chickenhawk” (actually, it’s Ben @ 5’2″, which makes her about a 4’9″ chickenhawk):

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