Kosher Tropes/N: holocaust’d & not holocaust’d

Jewesses who, more or less randomly, became part of this documentation and who did, or did not, survive the attentions of various interested parties – Nazis, Zionists, local populations, etc. – in Europe during WW2:


>Aguf, Tsilya Sarah (III/#B14)

well-groomed, well-fed Jewish girl who resided in the Vinnitsa District, central Ukraine, during the 1930’s and on into the war; seems to have suffered no ill effects from the Judeo-communist Terror Famine of the early 1930’s  which killed 5 to 10 million White Christian Ukrainians. Not surprising, since the NKVD Jews+ local Jews like Tsilya Sarah administered the famine, deportations, and on-the-spot massacres. This aside, partly because Hitler set up an advanced military HQ near Vinnitsa to oversee the Stalingrad campaign, that district was for security reasons quite thoroughly purged of Jews during July-August 1942. Verdict: holocaust’d.


Braun, Paulina Sarah (II/#i81)                   

Polish Jewess, artistically-inclined inmate of the Warsaw Ghetto who during 1940-42 was a member of the priviliged Sienna Street crowd. After the put-down of the “Ghetto Uprising” in April, 1943, she was sent along with thousands of other Warsaw Jews to several labor camps (@ Maidanek, Poniatowa, Trawnicki) in the Lublin district of eastern Poland, in what was a late attempt by Himmler to revive the pre-War Lublin Reservation scheme for the resettlement of European Jewry. During September-October of that year, however, Jews in the latter two camps were caught stockpiling weapons and in contact with communist partisans operating in the adjacent forests and all three camps had to be liquidated; during the attendent mass executions, which took place on 3-4 November, 1943, c. 42,000 male and female inmates were shot…Paulina Sarah, a Maidanek inmate, went to the execution pit on November 3rd. Verdict: holocaust’d.


>Dreyfus, Françoise Sarah (II/#Z333), alias “Anouk Aimée”

of the c. 330,000 pre-war Jew “citizens” of France, c. 90% survived the mythic “extermination of European Jewry” during WW2. And Françoise Sarah (born in Paris, 1932), who had a long and successful post-war film career, was evidently one of them. Verdict: not holocaust’d.


>Frolich, Herta Sarah (II/#U204)

Frolich, an inmate of a Jewish ghetto in Poland during WW2, contributed her passport photo to the “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum” many years after the war. Verdict: not holocausted.


>Gertner, Ala Sarah (II/#Z278)

in-and-out of several labor camps in western Poland during 1940-42, Ala Sarah was eventually incarcerated in the Sosnowiec Ghetto where she became a member of Zionist “Ghetto Dictator” Moses Merin’s office staff. Merin and his retinue – 50 Jews and Jewesses – were then deported to the Auschwitz labor camp where they arrived on 20 June, 1943, and there is strong evidence that all 50, a month or two later,  were taken to one of the crematories and shot. Wikipedia, however, claims that this Jewess survived until January, 1945, attempted to blow up a gas chamber, and was caught and hung. Verdict: holocaust’d.


>Groen, Tsipora Sarah (II/#N132)

Dutch Jewess, one of c. 1/3 of Dutch Jewry who escaped the deportive clutch of the the Zionist-collaborationist Amsterdam Jewish Council. Verdict: not holocaust’d.


>Kirschner, Sala Sarah (page pending)

Czech Jewess, during 1940-45 one of 50,000 inmates in the Schmelt Group labor camps strung out along the Polish-Austrian border, noted for their relatively mild regime: inmates wore their own clothes, had postal privilages, received Red Cross packages, and so forth. Post-war she lived in Jew York City and, based on her wartime letters, her daughter Ann wrote the above book. Verdict: not holocaust’d.


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