Bibliography on the Jewish Problem

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  • Unz, Ron: see his “American Pravda” essays at his site (, esp. those dealing with Judeo-communism, Zionist wars, and Holocaustianity


B. anti-Jewish and or anti-Zionist works by Nordic/Anglo-Saxon, Slavic, Hispanic, and other non-Jewish authors

  • Bryant, Arthur: Unfinished Victory (London, 1940; pdf is linked on TSJ home page under category “Pro-White/Anti-Jewish”)
  • Cobbet, William: Rural Rides (1826)
  •                                      Good Friday – Murder of Jesus Christ By the Jews (1830)
  •                                     Paper Against Gold (1812)
  • Gardiner, Anne: “Jewish Origins of Islam”, @


C. Judeophile apologetics: works by Jews and shabbatz goyim