TSJ4a, like its honorable ancestors TSJ1-4, takes one of the core elements of the currently dominant kosher Culture of Death – legalized abortion, porn, homosex, and Judeo-feminism (all inflicted/utilized by the Jews and their shabbatz goy adherants to kill White family formation and birthrate) – and turns it back against the Tribe…whose 3,000 year old Tikkun Olam it is to destroy the Whites, their nations, their individualist civilization, and substitute its own savage, collectivist, Universal Rule. Some might call this a bait-and-switch, and they would be correct. Since this too is a basic Jewish technique it is, in the present case, only fair to do so. Specifically, TSJ documents the predominant role of the Jews in pornography and related rackets; provides evidentiary material on the truly racial-genetic nature of organized Jewry along a physical continuum ranging from elemental, out-of-central-Asia, Khazar-derived ashkenaz (Types I, II, III) through more-or-less cryptic specimens (Type IV), plus Type V, which documents the distinct Middle East/North African mizrahic/sephardic Jewish gene pool; provides extensive evidence on the physical, mental, and behavioral tropes, signs, signals, and symbols of Jewishness; and, for the serious student/activist re the Jewish problem, provides an opportunity to sharpen his or her Jewdar/Jewmeter on basic “who is, who isn’t” identification issues. A skill set which may prove useful if, as has happened in past Jewish Cycles, the current Tribal apotheosis is followed by an equally dramatic downfall.

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